Why Use Only White Hat SEO Techniques?

whitehat-610x250Search engine optimization or SEO is all about gaining top ranking in the search engine results. This goal can be achieved in several ways. Some webmasters use black hat SEO techniques but they risk their website being downgraded and even removed from the search lists. It is important to use only white hat SEO techniques. These techniques comply with the guidelines issued by the search engines. Websites that use white hat SEO strategies receive a high level of organic traffic from the search engines.

White hat SEO refers to the techniques, tactics, and strategies that give priority to the visitors, readers, and viewers of the website. There is no effort to manipulate and fool search engine bots. There are several ways to comply with the search engine optimization guidelines.

The contents of the website should not be filled with more than necessary numbers of keywords. The main and secondary keywords should be used only up to a limit. The percentage of the keywords in relation to the number of words in the article should not exceed the specified limit. The first step should be to research the keywords and use only the ones that relate to the subject matter being discussed in the webpage content. If unrelated keywords are used just to fool the search engine bots and gain higher ranking, it will lead to penalties. Such a website is downgraded.

Content for the Readers
This is the main advice given by the search engines. They advise website owners to write contents for their readers and not for the search engines. Now search engines can check how long visitors stay at a website after coming to it through their searches. It helps them determine if the webpage content is engaging and related to the keyword search term. The content should be optimized with good text content, images, and internal links. Everything should be organized and optimized to the latest web standards. This goes for Lead Conversion Squared Review as well.

Search engines still give importance to backlinks when determining the rankings of websites. A website that receives lots of backlinks from other top websites gets high ranking in the search results. The inbound links placed at external websites direct users to the linked web pages. Links to reputable online directories, blogs and websites are acceptable backlinks.

On Page and Off Page Optimization
Just using the right keywords is not sufficient. There are other important factors like meta descriptions, title tags, image tags and header tags. All such links and tags should be placed properly at the right places. Internal links should be available throughout the site. Social media is now an important part of off page optimization. The company’s name, address, email address and phone number should remain same across all online directories and social media accounts.

Use of white hat SEO techniques ensures the website remains on top of the search results for a long time.

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